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Summary of Question:reading The Holy Book
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Tuesday, 6/29/1999 3:56 AM MDT


Dear sir i have one more question to ask u. I would like to know what really Guru Granth Sahib contain. I mean there are thousand of things that The holy book has to say. Most of the teaching i can't understand. How does this mean that when i read i don't really understand but i love to read the book. Cause sometime when I read The Holy Book i feel that I have God in me. But at the sametime while i am reading the book i make alot of mistake is it wrong to make mistake while reading the Holy Book?

Sri Guru Granth Sahib is our present and forever Guru. If we wish to follow Guru's teachings, we must be able to communicate with our Guru. Being able to read Guru Granth Sahib is the first step in that direction. Understanding what is read is the next step. And with understanding, the knowledge to practice the teachings will follow.

There are several good translations available. Gurmukhi to Gurmukhi, Gurmukhi to English, to Roman, to English only.

If you know Gurmukhi then I would strongly urge you to consider the 10 volume translation by Dr. Sahib Singh, or the 4 volume transliteration published by the SGPC. The difference is that Dr. Sahib Singh give his interpretations, while the SGPC concentrates more on providing word meanings.

As regards incorrect reading, it will improve with effort and time. Ofcourse there are aids available to learn correct pronounciation. Sikh religion teaches us to stay away from superstitions. Just do Ardaas after the Path and request our Beloved Guruji to Bless you with the knowledge to do accurate Path, to understand it, and have the ability to follow the teachings.

All the best.


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