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Summary of Question:Past Life Of Gurus?
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Wednesday, 1/22/2003 11:29 AM MST

Waheguru jee ka khalsa waheguru jee ke fateh

i would have said blah, blah like other ppl but i decided to get straight to the question-i hope you don't mind.
I would like to know more about the Guru's past life. i've heard various stories about how Guru Gobind Singh Je in his past life used to be a great Bhagat. It is said that he saved the devta's (Gods) and devtieah (goddess'). the story is that the demons captured heaven and threw out the people who lived there and then Guru Gobind Singh along with the sherah (lion) Mata (Goddess) destroyed the demons.

I was hoping you could provide some clarification about this point. i wrote 'said' at the beginning as i am not sure of the source of this information. Do you know where this story comes from?

i was also wondering about the story behind Hemkunt Sahib and the Gurdwara's that come along it's journey what is the significance of these?

i would be delighted if you could also recommend some reading material for me, regarding the past life of the Guru's.

i would also like to congratulate you on the Youth forum . i've searched some hindu sites and i haven't come across such a site.

Also although i have given my real e-mail address, i cannot actually access it as i have forgotten my password.i thought you would like to know that if you contact me through the e-mail address i will not actually get your message.

Sat SIri Akaal.
I cannot answer your questions directly. Guru Gobind Singh wrote a poem called Bachitr (Bachitar) Natak, in which he references his prior life as Rishi Dusht Duman. This poem is available in English translation through the Washington Sikh Foundation. You could search it on Google, Sikhnet, or on

As for the past lives of the other 9 GUrus, I have never heard of a reference to any of their past lives, or even stories of same. Only for 10th Guru have I heard of this. You could search Sikh sites through the above-mentioned sikhseek site. I recommend you also search "Hemkunt" on both Sikhnet and sikhseek, because there are a number of sites that have stories of Hemkunt. So, you will have to do more internet research, but I think you will get some of your answers. Guru ang sang,

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