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Summary of Question:Is reading in English same as reading in Punjabi ?
Date Posted:Tuesday, 8/22/2000 3:10 AM MDT


Is reading the guru's bani in the english tanslation (words are english words not the spelling) same as reading in punjabi ? Why?

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No, it's not the same. The vibration - Naad of the Gurbani is powerful and the soundcurrent and motion of the tongue with the nerve centers in the mouth produce a powerful, transformative effect on the human nervious system.

That said, If one does not understand the meaning of the Gurbani, it is better to read in English translation than not to read Gurbani at all. But understanding is not required for the effect of the Guru's bani to take polace. Just listening to the sound will have a powerful effect. To sum up - recitation with understanding is best, recitation without understanding - but experiencing the soundcurrent is next best - and listening or reading in translation is valuable as well. We still need better translations of Guruji's banis and I hope some of today's youth will be inspired to create them


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Is reading in English same as reading in Punjabi ? (08/22/2000)
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