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Summary of Question:Re: how about girls covering their heads?
Date Posted:Friday, 5/28/1999 7:31 PM MDT
You are very wise. Most Sikhs don't ask the simple question, did Guru Gobind Singh create the Khalsa, or boy's and girl's clubs? He created the Khalsa, which has no gender. He gave the bhana to the Khalsa, not just to men. The hair has the same purpose in men and women and the reasons to wear turban apply equally. On the other hand, not covering the hair is for sexual attraction, because the hair has that power when shown. Many women prefer not to cover it because they want to attract sexual energy, though they will never admit it or say it that way.
You are doing the right thing. If anyone asks, tell them you are protecting your energy and your grace. Tell them your father, Guru Gobind Singh gave you this form, and you are following his path. Bless you in your life to stick by your truth. Don't give it up for others, they won't be there when you leave this life and face infinity.

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Re: how about girls covering their heads? (05/28/1999)
how about girls covering their heads? (05/17/1999)
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