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Summary of Question:The Future
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Wednesday, 11/20/2002 10:33 AM MST

Vaheguru ji ka khalsa, vaheguru ji ki fateh

I was been told on a couple of occassions that before Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji left for sach kand he made 100 predictons about the future, known as sou sakhia (100 stories), but most of them were lost. Apparently Sri Guru Gobind Singh predicted that in the future horses would be made out of metal, ie cars.

can u confirm this for me?


the only thing that the Guru left that is certain and not made up is the Guru granth sahib ji. In that is the future in as much as the hukam you take everyday as a guide in your life. Please dont listen to such rubbish from ill informed people - that is the very thing that the guru very much tried to get us to forget.


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The Future (11/20/2002)
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