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Summary of Question:Meditation To Slow Down My Mind
Date Posted:Friday, 3/07/2008 7:43 PM MST

Hello, I am a 16 year old male and a Sikh. Whenever I speak, I stutter. I refuse to believer that this is incurable because whenever I speak at home by myself or do paath I speak PERFECTLY fine. So it is just a matter of outside sources. The main reason is because of anxiety and nervousness and perhaps some scientist now say an increased level of dopamine in the brain ( to cause the anxiety). And so, I humbly ask if you would be able to tell me some of the meditations or yogas or paaths that would allow me to be more comfortable in public with myself and the stop the anxiety that I get when talking. Basically, to just slow me down and make me feel the same level of comfortableness that I feel at home by myself in public situations.


Practice every day slowing your breath down. Start with inhale to the count of 5, hold 5, exhale 5. Increase that to 10 then 15. Train your self to breath deeply, starting in the abdomen first and then bringing the breath up into the chest. Where do you live? CAn you get to one of our Kundalini Yoga classes. Go to and look up TEacher Directory and find a teacher in your area. Many blessings, JJK

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Meditation To Slow Down My Mind (03/07/2008)
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