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Summary of Question:Did Guru Nanak Wear A Proper Turban?
Category:Sikh History
Date Posted:Sunday, 1/26/2003 12:33 PM MST

Sat Sri Akal,

I have seen some photo's of Guru Nanak Ji with a Yellow pagri, and yet others such as in India, that show something that resembles, but is not a pagri. What is the true. Speaking of which... I have also seen that some pictures show Guru Gobind Singh playing a Rhevab, rather then modern tabla, and vaja... therefore, should kirtan be sung using the Rhevab, in it's original Raag form?

Thank you.


As times have changes so has fashion,dress and also music... one can play music in its original form and many people do... there are still people in India who do play the rebarb... and many other instruments.

The current turban is more based on Maraja of patiala style... The Guru Nanak style is also worn...It is more the old mugal style

hope his helps

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Did Guru Nanak Wear A Proper Turban? (01/26/2003)
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