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Summary of Question:Did Sikhs Ever Convert Under Torture?
Category:Sikh History
Date Posted:Tuesday, 5/27/2003 2:59 AM MDT

Sat sri akal.

First, i would like to say a big thank you for what u guys are doing for us. In school, we were doing religions and i presented on Sikhisim. Two questions were asked which i cannot answer. One is did any Sikhs succumb to the tortures to convert to islam during our guru's time? I have only heard that all sikhs braved the muslims and not one story i heard have mentioned that a sikh converted. Also, if all boys and girls were supposed to be named kaur and singh after the 10th guru, then why isn't sri guru granth sahib ji have a singh or kaur?
I hope i do not sound rude in my asking.
Thank you.

Sat Siri AKaal. Like you, I have never heard a story of a Sikh converting to Islam to save him/her life during the times of the Gurus. I will say that it is possible that it happened, but I am unaware of any historical record on same.

As for Singh & Kaur: Siri Guru Granth Sahib itself is neutral, or said differently, complete with both Singh & Kaur aspects. SGGS recognizes both genders equally. The word singh does indeed occur in SGGS, but not, as I recall, in reference to a particular person. Guru Gobind Singh's rehit is not in SGGS specifically. Singh & Kaur are part of the code of conduct of Sikhs. His rehit is supported by Gurbani generally (a topic that cannot be covered in this space), but he did not include his rehit, hukums, or bani in SGGS because he felt it was complete as compiled by Guru Arjun, and with the additions of 9th Guru's bani (5th Guru left open space in the Adi Granth for the bani of the Gurus that followed him). I hope this answers your questions.
Guru ang sang,

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