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Summary of Question:Friends with boys, irreputable?
Date Posted:Saturday, 5/15/1999 5:02 PM MDT

In todays society of sikhs to be friends of the opposite sex, many people view this as being irreputable, especially if you are a female. If seen socializing many people assume other things. I never talk to the opposite sex of my religion because of this, but I feel I am missing out. How do you feel about this problem?


You are better safe than sorry. Until recently even in the U.S. girls would not socialize too much with boys because they would get a bad reputation. Now the standards are so low it's hard to get a bad reputation, even if you get pregnant. If you want to keep high standards for yourself then be cautious.
Don't go by what others do. Keep true to yourself. You have to live with your own actions. Those other people don't suffer, you do.

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Friends with boys, irreputable? (05/15/1999)
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