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Summary of Question:Music
Date Posted:Friday, 3/09/2001 9:52 PM MST


Does it matter what kind of music we listen to? im not talking about gurbani or paat and please dont mention it in here i just want to know are we at least allowed to listen to music like rap or rock? or is it some big no-no like everything else is.

Greetings and blessings to you.

It is OK to listen to other music than Gurbani. However, violent, angry and sexual music is not good for promoting goodness in yourself and not good for promoting peace in our world.

You should care enough about yourself and your future to stand back for a moment and say to yourself: does this bring me closer to the realisation of my Infinity or does it block me and mess me up"?

Music is sound current. Sound current and words are very powerful tools for the human mind and psyche. Sound can pick us up or depress us or give us inspiration. Words give us experience and reactions. When you speak kindly you feel kind. When you speak angry words you fell anger. Try it and experience the difference for yourself.

The practice of using music and the sound current or, Naad of the Infinite, is the way we as Sikhs clear our karma and live an empowered life. Sound is a very powerful tool.

The choice may be yours, but use the good sense to make a choice that will uplift and help you...because your successes will help and uplift others. Youth in the Western world have very few models of calibre in the media to share. Your conscious choice helps others to be conscious rather than angry and reactive.

God bless you, SKKK

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Music (03/09/2001)
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