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Summary of Question:Confidence
Date Posted:Saturday, 11/21/2009 6:34 AM MST

i totalli need help!!! i have no self confidence in myself n in what ever i do. i dun knw wat to do. i'm 20 n having this type confidence will bring me nowhere... until now i dun even know what i wan to be. Plz give me some shabad that will help my confidence. i have send lots of resume but nvr went for interview.i'm like feeling helpless. i need a job to help my famili.

thnk u



Sat Nam,

The first thing that comes to mind is to do Bowing Jaap Sahib every day for at least 120 days. Get a recording of Jaap Sahib and play while reciting and bowing to the floor. Sitting on your heals in Rock Pose try to bring your forehead to the ground in front of you every time you hear Namo or Namaste then continue keeping the rhythm to the end. It can be exhausting but the results can be amazing.

Before going to a job interview or entering a difficult situation recite Ad Gure Name, Jugad Gure Name, Sat Gure Name, Siri Guru Deve Name three times for divine protection ... to help you get through it.
Most importantly in your situation you need to strengthen your navel point. If you do yoga then do a set like Nambi Krya or stretch pose. And if you don't do yoga at least do some sit ups every day if you can.


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Confidence (11/21/2009)
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