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Summary of Question:Panja Sahib
Date Posted:Tuesday, 3/14/2000 1:39 AM MDT

Although our guru's didnt believe in miracles, how come the gurudwara panja sahib still has water pumping out of the hand? It is beyond the explanation of geologists and scientists and its a pure miracle. Please explain the mystery behind panja sahib, if there is any ?


Dear One:

Sat Siri Akaal. Actually, the Gurus did believe in miracles. What they didn't believe in was performing them or using them as a way to impress people or set themselves above others.

There is a great Website for historical gurdwaras of Sikhi. You can find out about Panja Sahib here:

I think it is important to realize that the fact that this spring STILL pumps is not because Guru Nanak wanted it to be so, it is because the Creator decided it should be so. We must also look at what Panja Sahib tells us. There are 2 key aspects (which will make sense once you read about this Gurdwara). First is taking a stand. Guru Nanak stopped the rock that would have killed him and Mardana, and by doing so made clear that such injustice to innocent ones cannot be allowed. (Guru Gobind Singh had to take this concept to an extreme.) The second thing we are shown is how God protects the honor of his saints.

I hope this clarifies. God bless you,

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Panja Sahib (03/14/2000)
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