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Summary of Question:Sukhmani Sahib
Date Posted:Tuesday, 9/08/2009 3:50 PM MDT

I've started to do Sukhmani Sahib paath for 40 days. Is it possible to do the 40 paaths in less than 40 days, meaning 2 a day sometimes so I can get done quicker to gain what i've asked for from God. And also when i'm at work, i eat meat for lunch, is it ok to brush my teeth and then do paath or I have to take a shower before I start to read path. thanks


Sat Nam,

Getting things you want is not easy no matter what you do. You have to put some serious effort into it. It sounds to me that you want to live your life they way you want not having to be pure and get everything you want in two days.
If you had a child and you wanted them to learn all the good things in life and have a very good and structured life would you just give it a couple of days of good behavior and then give them everything they want? Or would you ensure day after day, year after year that they are keeping up and doing the right thing the best way they can?

Do you think by brushing your teeth you will wash all the meat out of your body? It takes 72 hours of water fast to wash out just one meal with meat in it.

The scriptures tell you that no amount of water or soap can wash out all the filth from within you. Haven't you read that even by visiting all the holy places you can not become clean unless you take the responsibility and meditate on the Name and clean yourself out? Even doing it for 40 days of path is nothing compare to what everyone of us needs to accomplish in this life time.

Do you think the Guru is not going to notice that you are living your whole life in a filthy way just because you took a shower five minutes before you are begging for his favor?

You may want to rethink some of this. You would not be asking these questions if something in you did not already know that you are doing things wrong. And once we are conscious of things then it is not an innocent mistake anymore, there is a lot more responsibility involved.


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Sukhmani Sahib (09/08/2009)
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