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Summary of Question:Jaat-Sikhs
Date Posted:Sunday, 11/09/2008 12:15 AM MST

ssa ji,

recently my frnd got his hair cut, and when i asked him, why he diid so. He said that he was jaat and could cut his hair. So i was wondering, if jaats are part of us are they just linked to i have seen many people, they say they are jaat and have there beard trimed , hair cut ....and i only know one thing that if are in any way related to guru ji you cannot cut your hair ....but all of them do....and then hey belive in guru ji also.....i just cant understand it.......pls help


Dear one,

Today we celebrate the anniversary of Guru Nanak coming to our world. He said there is no Hind and there is no Muslim. Also, there is no caste in Sikhee. A Sikh of the Guru follows the Rehit of Guru Gobind SIngh. Being a Jatt does not exclude one from the Rehit. It is feeble excuse to be sloppy rather than Saintly.

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Jaat-Sikhs (11/09/2008)
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