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Summary of Question:Amrit
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 1/20/2000 5:45 AM MST

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

I took Amrit for the thrid time few months ago.

During the Amrit Sanchar,the Panj Pyare asked those who taking Amrit for
second time, please come forward.

I waited for the Panj Pyare to call for those taking Amrit for third time but
they didn't. I was surprise.

Then they started reading the 5 Banis and followed by Amrit Sanchar.
Everyone took Amrit including me.

My question is that since I took Amrit for the third time without getting
any "Thankah" (punishments). Does it mean I have to take Amrit again?

I am confused. Thank you.


Dear Palvinder Ji,

Wow three times huh?I dont think I personally have heard of that before. I cannot answer your question as to the Thankah. It is quite possible that the Pan Pyare did not consider it either. If you are really concerned go and ask the person who would be the authority on the Amrit Sanchar in your Gurdwara commitee or your community, and ask that person if there is some protocol that you should adhere to. In the interest of helping you I would like to suggest also that you not beat yourself up about it either. I truly hope that you will stick to your guns this time. Maybe it is a blessing that they did not ask you about the third time and it will be the Charm. Still look into it with the person who administers the Amrit Sanchar and ask. That way at least you will have a clear concious as it sounds like you feel as if you got away with something. Thank you ji and keep up you will make it good.


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Amrit (01/20/2000)
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