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Summary of Question:so why do most sikh people still believe in caste's?
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Wednesday, 4/14/1999 7:40 AM MDT

i'm not a sikh, but i know alot about it. however one thing is baffling me the most. i have a friend who is a sikh and all the other sikh people we know all go on about how he is one of the highest caste people in sikhism. now the teachings of your Guru's say, and this also being one of the principal base "rule" of sikhism is that all people regardless of how much money they have etc are treated equally - thus the notion that sikhs go to the gurdwara and all eat together there so that it show people are equal. so how come my friend is one of the "higher" castes??


It takes a long time to educate people, and to eliminate prejudice from their cultural consciousness. There are no castes in Sikh Dharma. From Guru Nanak onward, the enlighted Gurus taught the spiritual equality of all men and women. But how well their students (shishyas/students) lived up to the ideals the Gurus taught, you can see for yourself! There is still a lot of ignorance in the world. It is sad. Blessings to you. SP

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so why do most sikh people still believe in caste's? (04/14/1999)
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