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Summary of Question:Removing Tattoos
Date Posted:Saturday, 3/30/2002 4:42 PM MDT

i have a few on each shoulder of lotus's with the heart chakra design in the center....and then the samsara on fire on my left calf...

im wondering now, should i just leave them bo or have them taken off?? i really do regret inflicting art upon something done by the greatest artist, WaheGuru...

just looking for some insight and opinions =)

Sat Sri Akhal...

(REPLY) Sat Nam. I think you've answered your own question when you acknowledge Wahe Guru as "the greatest artist." That is why as Sikhs we are privileged to keep our bodies intact as God made them, not cutting hair, for instance. If you can safely (medically) remove the tatoos you will probably feel better about your identity as a Sikh. blessings, SP

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Removing Tattoos (03/30/2002)
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