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Summary of Question:Doing Nitnem at Amrit Vela
Date Posted:Wednesday, 7/28/1999 11:36 PM MDT

Sat Sri Akal,

I was wondering if you could help me out. Recently, I have begun doing Nitnem in the mornings, and my goal is to gradually work myself up to finishing all of the Nitnem paaths. I've noticed that my biggest struggle is to keep focused. What can I do to keep focused on Waheguru? Am I wrong to be having these difficulties? How do Amritdhari people deal with this sort of thing. Thank you. :)

You have asked a very beautiful and important question. Like a blind man in search of a gold coin, the mind will wander everywhere imaginable, yet our focus on Wahe Guru is the most important thing. So, what to do?

We have 2 forms of Guru: Shabd Guru and Pavan Guru. Pavan means <wind>, or <breath>. Shabd is the <word>. Word is formed out of breath. The Shabd is also the Guru of <form>. The <Pavan Guru> is formless. Wahe Guru literally means <formless wisdom>. The practical essence of all this is that it has been found that The Mind Follows The Breath <Always>. If our breathing is shallow and unconscious, the mind will wander like the cows when the gate has been left open. If we breath consciously, deeply, slowly and with singular clarity while we read the banis, our mind can stay very clear and present with what we are Doing Right Now. This is the best discipline for the mind. Wahe Guru is within you, right now, and so is the breath. If we are not able to maintain conscious focus on the breath, which we Can control, how can we ever hope to contact Wahe Guru, which is the most subtle and beyond our control. By working with the breath and concentration in this way, eventually our mind will become developed f
or more profound experience and understanding, by Guru's grace.

Thank you for your question. May your prayers be answered.

Krishna Singh Khalsa

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