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Summary of Question:How Sikhism Began
Category:Sikh History
Date Posted:Saturday, 4/09/2005 5:07 AM MDT

I am trying to find out about the birth of Sikhism, but everywhere i search on the internet gives me a very complicated description which is hard to follow could you please explain in bullet points or an easier way? Or do you know a sight which can explain to me?

best wishes

(REPLY) Sat Nam. On the HOME PAGE of the SikhNet website I believe you'll find a simple description of the origin of the Sikh religion. (Plus more of its history, in quite simple language.) It's definitely not complicated! A man called Nanak born in India in 1469 from the time he was a child talked about the fact that there in ONE GOD. As he grew older, he observed the inhuman torture and persecution of one religion by another, and he preached a message of universal brotherhood, peace, and respect for all religions, he was called a Guru (the Teacher who takes you from ignorance and darkness into the light of wisdom) His students, disciples, or Sishyas came to be called Sikhs. SP

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How Sikhism Began (04/09/2005)
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