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Summary of Question:Embarrassing Question
Date Posted:Monday, 5/14/2001 10:47 AM MDT


# plz hlp me!i have got a very weak bladder and it is very embarrassing at time although i don't think anyone else knows.I usually just can't control it especially when i'm laughing real hard.Theres no way i'm going to tell my parents and i defently will never EVER discuss it with my GP.I know this isn't a real relgiously based question but i had no other place to turn to.I was just wondering if there was anything to maybe helpme cope with it....maybe particular excercises or basically anything at all? Also i was wondering if it is caused by masterbation as although i don't really masterbate now a days i still used to.....also does this maybe lessen any chances of me one day being a mother?.....plz help...thanx in advance for ur trouble

There is nothing embarrassing about the human body and its condition. I know people who have had this problem. As a person ages, sometimes the muscles in the bladder get weakened. In young people it may be caused by an infection. There are exercises you can do to strengthen this area. However, because it might be caused by an infection I think it is important for you to go to a doctor. For your doctor the solution might be something simple, but without knowing the exact reason, and taking care of it, you could make the problem worse. The problem has nothing to do with masturbation. This won't interfere with your being a mother one day. Don't worry about that.

There is a bladder condition that is called "urinary incontinence" that could be causing this problem. You have no reason to be ashamed, many people throughout the world have been afflicted with it. You may wish to search online for some more information about this. You should also ask your doctor about it.
There is an exercise you may try for strengthening your bladder. Each time you feel the urge to urinate, do your best to hold it in for 15 minutes. You may not be able to, but you can try. Normally the bladder will signal to the brain when it has to release urine, and often we react to what the bladder is telling us even when it is an inconvenient time. To make it more manageable, you can train the bladder to tell it when you will let it void, not the other way around. Make sure to see a doctor and find out if there is another problem, such as an infection. These types of exercises are best done when in conjunction with a doctor's advice.


First of do not worry. When laughing, sneezing or coughing cross your legs.

The walls and muscles in the vaginal cavity can become weak due to many reasons at any time in a womans life.

Get a medical examination to rule out any case of infection or internal conditions see a female doctor if you are embarrased by seeing a male doctor.

These can be done with ease anytime and anywhere whilst standing or sitting. However best results are gained with sitting on the floor in a cross legged position.

Imagine that you are urinating and then contract/tense your muscles to stop the flow. Contract your muscles for at least 5 seconds then release and repeat for atleast 5 to 10 minutes a day. You will start to feel the difference within a short amount of time.

This excercise can also be done by new mothers because after giving birth to a child in the natural way (not C.Section) the walls of the vagina will become loose. By doing pelvic floor muscles the the vaginal cavity becomes tighter and the urinary tract becomes stronger so it can hold urine in longer.

It is advisable when first starting the excerises to wear a sanitary towel incase there are any leakages.

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