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Summary of Question:what is the sikh position on abortion [with reply]
Date Posted:Tuesday, 7/13/1999 1:39 AM MDT

I know abortion is bad. But being a 2nd generation sikh I found my older generation have a total hypocritical approach to this. I went to rural punjab, india and I witnessed people going to gurudwara's, doing 'part' etc and acting very nice, respectable and religious. But I found there was a roaring trade in back street abortions. People were making a lot of money from this.

All the sangat were intrested in were protecting some kind of izat and they publically denounced abortions as bad.

I didn't understand this. What happens if a mother has an abortion in karma etc.
and what consquences does it have for people who advocate and support abortion?

Position on Abortion:
The soul of the child does not enter the body until 120 days after conception. This period of time is built in by the Creator so the parents can be sure they want the child. Abortion is only a problem after 120 days, then you would be killing the child.
It is much worse to have a child you don't want, than to terminate a pregnancy and give that soul a chance to go into another home where it will be wanted and guided properly.

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what is the sikh position on abortion [with reply] (07/13/1999)
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