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Summary of Question:When Goin To The Gurdwara...?
Date Posted:Saturday, 11/06/2004 1:57 PM MDT

Hi again,

I was just wondering when you go to the gurdwara and matha dekh what exactly are you supposed to say?im never quite sure.

(REPLY) Sat Nam. You say whatever is in your heart! As you put your forehead to the ground it may help to realize you are offering your head to the Guru! So, you can perhaps recite the Mul Mantra, or you can pray for guidance for the day. You can pray to know God's will and be able to follow it. You can offer thanks for the blessings you have received. You can pray to feel the living presence of the Guru with you with every breath. Again, it is your own personal relationship with the Guru that you are acknowledging when you bow. May God bless you and Guru guide you always! SP

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When Goin To The Gurdwara...? (11/06/2004)
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