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Summary of Question:Why Are We Here?
Category:Sikh History
Date Posted:Tuesday, 6/10/2003 4:15 PM MDT

Hi, i would like this placed on the discussion forum if possible.

To all my fellow people. I was wondering if i could know what you feel about the following question in going to ask
Before i start. Im not writing this to cause any grief, anger oru pset anyone, there is a verse from a song which i believe in "Dil na toote, Khudha ka yeh ghar hai" (translate: you should not break someone's heart, as God lives here). So im here not to hurt anyone, but would like to know opinions and feelings of everyone.

Question: I have heard that Sikh's (as we are known today) were made to help people. Our Guru's gave their lives, for us. They fought to help others (Hindu or Muslim). I have read somewhere (and pls someone correct me if I am wrong) that Guru Nanakji said "There is on Hindu and No Muslim". So i think he was trying to say.......we are all equal.
He tried to teach us to come together, not to see each others differences and hold a grudge, but to see that we are made by the one creator, and if he sees no difference in us, then neither should we.

So, if our Guru's were trying to teach us to come together. Then how come the opposite happened? Instead of us coming together with everyone else, we created another sub category of people (category in the sense.....hindu, muslim, sikh, catholic, buddhist etc). We parted oursleves from the common (even though common is the wrong word to use, but i hope u know what i mean) man and created another identity.

We parted from the world, we never came together. I guess we did the opposite. Fine, i agree we dont say we are hindu or Muslim, but we say we are Sikh, so whats the difference? were still not together.

Buddha was enlightened under a tree, he preached to the world about the truth, he never said he wanted to create a new religion, but we did. Christ (who was a Jew) went around helping people, he never said to renounce Judaism and become christian, but we did. Our Gurus never said to create sikhi and become prejudice to other paths/faiths (and yes, people are prejudice, i see too many around).

bascially, somehow i think, along the way..............we have gone wrong somewhere. It wasnt Christ, Buddha, the Guru's, but man (ie: us), and if we have done the opposite to what the guru's wanted...........then what we are preaching, is it right? or wrong?

many thanks for reading. I wish Allah/Eeshwar/Christ/God/Buddha/Guru (all are one in my eyes) watch over you all.

oh and if you do not wish to post your answer on sikhnet, please email me directly - [email protected]. Thanks again


This is being posted for open discussion. Enjoy!! GTKK

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