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Summary of Question:What About Eating Ice Cream
Date Posted:Saturday, 6/22/2002 7:47 PM MDT


This is regarding something I was somewhat startled to find out. Ice cream contains eggs, and since I am a vegetarian , this is not good, and so no more Ice cream for me...

I guess I want to spread the word for all those other vegetarians that don't know this..and by the way, can you make or get ice cream without eggs in it?



Sat Siri Akal, ji.

Some vegetarians consider eating eggs OK. Others do not. So-it's a pity about ice cream, but I'm sure there are egg-free ice creams at your local health food store. There are also Soy and Rice-based frozen desserts that you might try. Oh-and I found this through a quick search on the web: a place that does make egg-free ice cream.

The Castle Dairy, Knepp Castle, West Grinstead, West Sussex RH13 8LJ

There might be more places out there. Do a search and let us know how egg-free ice cream tastes.

Take care.


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What About Eating Ice Cream (06/22/2002)
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