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Summary of Question:Regarding Stress
Date Posted:Wednesday, 12/17/2008 7:39 PM MST

Hi There

Sat Shri Akal Ji

I am from Delhi & working for multi national company where ihave to work in night shifts basically my team is providing all the technical solutions to cisco client,All the work is outsource to Indian multinational company however work is very very challenging and hectic as clients have a lot of expectations i have been working in this industry for the last 2 years all night shifts ,i have been working 14 hrs everyday on regular basis But now it is really affecting my health very very badly and i cannot afford to loose this job at any as i have some financial constraints.These are some of the changes that i have experianced in my life..
I am not able to give time to family
I got Get irritated on small little issues with parents.
I have no time to Work out.
I take work back home (mentally)

Thoughts are running in my mind constantly even while sleeping i wake up sometimes and start working on pending issues through VPN connectivity.

While going to bed, my mind starts working more rather than slowing down & i write down the tasks on the paper for the next day.

Now a days i am experiancing frequent headaches, regular pain in my head, i thought not to wear turban to avoid for some days but can't help , it has nothing to do with turban.

I am much more concerned about some of my colleagues who are in my team they always make fun of me by saying "sardar aa gaya" so the bottom line is i cannot afford to loose the tasks assigned however i have to meet the targets.

I have no fixed time to eat and sleep due to work pressure even cannot concentrate on anything right now even not in path.
Sometimes i feel like this whole world is some kind of dream.

So Do you know some kind of Bani that can help me to reduce stress though it should not be a long one.

So is there some kind of bani that can reduce stress

Manjeet Singh
Dear one, there is more to life than work. Dedicate yourself to the DOER od all and give one tenth of your day and your earnings and you will always be covered.

A bani combined with a yogic practice would be good for you, I suggest that you dedicate 30 plus minutes of your day to "BOWING JAAP SAHIB". If you need help finding the link with the explanation and music......let me know, SK

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Regarding Stress (12/17/2008)
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