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Summary of Question:About hair but not cutting or shaving
Date Posted:Thursday, 7/13/2000 8:13 PM MDT

I was wondering supposedly I was to braid my hair into dreadlocks or or cornrows would it be wrong to wear it in school or should I just keep the turban on all the time.

The "Rishi Knot", tying the hair into a knot on top of the head is very ancient. It goes back to the beginning of time. It coils the hair at the crown center, or 7th Chakra, at the top of the head. This is to control and channel the energy in the body and mind. It is not just a style.
Cornrows or dreads will not do this. Of course you are free to do it, but it will not help you toward keeping your mind under control and peaceful.
Either way, you should keep the hair covered in public.

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About hair but not cutting or shaving (07/13/2000)
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