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Summary of Question:Gurdwara Customs
Date Posted:Saturday, 7/03/2004 12:12 PM MDT

What are the customs in the Gurdwara?

e.g. Do you have to take your shoes off? etc

(REPLY) Sat Nam. (That means "Truth is your identity" as well as "Truth is God's Name.") Yes, shoes are removed, heads are to be covered, and in many Gurdwaras water is available outside to allow for the washing of hands and feet. All that is required besides that is an attitude of reverence for being in the presence of the Guru's Court. When you first enter, if you wish, you bow, placing your head on the floor in front of the place where the Siri Guru Granth Sahib is installed. You may place an offering of money at the Guru's "feet" at that time. You stand when the congregation stands (for the Ardas (prayer) and bow when they bow. I suggest that you go to the home page of this SikhNet website and read about Gurdwara protocol by following one of the links. Blessings, SP

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Gurdwara Customs (07/03/2004)
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