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Summary of Question:sikh warriors
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Sunday, 11/07/1999 12:37 AM MST

What was it that enabled Sikhs who lived in the time of the gurus to defeat armies so much larger than their own?\


dear Jagdeep Singh Ji,

It was no miracle or special talent, they just had the faith that they were doing the right thing. Actually they didnt always win the battles they fought in but they always came out on top politically. This is what helped the Sikhs to win the war against the Mughals. They never thought that the Sikhs had the ability to defeat them in the long run. Their power began to get weaker and weaker and eventually the Mughals lost total control ( It must be said here that the Sikhs were not the only group responsible for the Down fall of the Mughal empire The Marathis and the Rajputs helped quite a bit) It was Maharaja Ranjit singh that eventually stopped the incoming flow of Afghanis and persians into India and broke the hold on India. The thing was that it was the Injustices that the Sikhs had faced that gave them the strength to finally join together and defeat them. The Power of the Sikh Gurus and the way that they had fought and Maintained the right thing inspired all of those that needed to be inspired on the battlefield. Guru Hargobind twice faced armies larger than his own and won. His men had a no give up attitude and they were fighting for a reason. The opposition was just fighting for money or for some political reason. They did not have inspired troops who were fighting for their Guru and so they lost. It isnt always about numbers it is also about the will to carry through with what has been started. Guru Gobind singh Ji won the battle of Bhangani by inspring his troops by defeating one of the oppositions toughest men and he was still a young young man. The fact that he stayed on the field and fought like a lion must have really inspired the Sikhs and their Allies that day.Thank You


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