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Summary of Question:Re: What Is The Difference Between An Amrit Dhari To Eat Meat And Non Amritdhari
Date Posted:Saturday, 1/15/2000 2:34 AM MST
I am sorry if my question was'nt right.. what I meant was that I have come acrooss a lot of amrit dhari people who eat meat when I questioned them abt the meat they have given me reasons like one amrit dhari is leaneant than the other and they (amritdhari meat eaters) belong to the lliberal class.. I was just confused in that as I had never heard any liberal and non liberal amritdharis.

I would really appreciate if you could guide me in becoming an amrit dhar. What I mean is what are the various steps that i need to prepare..2) WAHT ARE THE PRIMARY AND SECONDRY STEPS THAT I NEED TO PERFORM AFTER TAKING AMRIT

thanks for all your help.


Dear One:

Sat Siri Akaal. Sorry for the delay. The Rehit says NOTHING about liberal and non-liberal Sikhs and eating meat or not. This is just a convenience for people who want to continue to eat meat.

For questions on preparing for Amrit, look at the Sikh dharma manual here on Sikhnet. Go to, and look in the first section on Sikhism, where you will find a link for this manual. There is a lot written there about Rehit and Amrit. Also, search this forum for other posts using searchword "amrit".

Guru rakha,

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Re: What Is The Difference Between An Amrit Dhari To Eat Meat And Non Amritdhari (01/15/2000)
What is the difference between an amrit dhari to eat meat and non amritdhari (01/13/2000)
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