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Summary of Question:Gurus
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Sunday, 10/06/2002 9:26 PM MDT

Hi, I just have a quick question on Sikhism and the role of casteism. I know casteism is wrong and has nothing to do with Sikhism. Its more a cultural thing.

However, why were there never any so called low caste Gurus? I do understand that there are some Banis in the SSGS that are written by low castes but how come there never was any so called low caste Guru? All I have recieved from this question is lame answers that make no sense to me. I am just asking this question because my best freind is a Brahmin and I accused his community of practicing Casteism when electing Politicians in India. I told him that they look more at the persons caste than if he is educated and good for the country. But he turned it against me and asked me the same question, Why was there not a low caste Guru? I answered its because there was no so called low caste people, he answered by saying "Do you really believe that?" I dont, so I was wondering....

Thank You


Sat Siri Akal.

The Gurus didn't come from any caste because caste is not an issue in Sikhism. There are no caset for Sikhs. Neither the Gurus came from a high caste nor from a low caste and if someone looks at the Gurus and tries to define them as being of a "caste" of any kind - it shows how they haven't understood what the Gurus represented.

Your friend is just using an argument to create doubt in order to win his point. Don't buy into the argument - it's false to begin with. Our Gurus had no caste because Sikhs do not accept the notion of caste to begin with.

All love.


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