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Summary of Question:Health Problem
Date Posted:Tuesday, 5/22/2001 12:06 AM MDT

Dear Sir,

I have a same problem with someone who wrote before that
is regarding Bladder. I have contact my doctor and he told
me that I have a bladder thickness i mean to say the wall of
the bladder but they have taken my urine to test and see whether
I have TB and infection but it was found out that NO TB but infection
but they do not know what kind of infection I mean they still
have to grow the cells and see what kind of germs it is? and second
they will also again grow the cells for TB to. I want to know
would it effect me being a mother one day if I have TB? and it
the possibly of having TB is high or infection? please help i
am very confuse


Dear One:

Sat Siri Akal. If you are pregnant now or planning to have a baby soon, TB or other infection and/or the drugs to treat it would be very problematic. If you DO have TB/other infection but are not planning pregnancy in the next 12-24 months, AND if you take the drugs needed for treating the infection, then you should be OK. I am NOT a doctor, so I want to get this out on the forum for any Doctors to look at. ALso, my dear, PLEASE ask your doctor about this. You are not the first woman with an infection who wants to have a baby sometime, and this is a question doctors could answer.

The doctors are growing (or 'culturing') the cells to determine exactly what your problem is. Then they should be able to recommend a treatment for this infection, whatever it is. Sometimes it takes a little while to figure it all out. Meanwhile take care of yourself and drink a lot of pure water to keep your bladder flushed out.

God bless you with healing.

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Health Problem (05/22/2001)
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