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Summary of Question:Is It Wrong If Our Feet Are In The Direction Of Gurudwara?
Date Posted:Wednesday, 5/19/2004 2:02 AM MDT

Respected Sir,

Guru Fateh!

The local gurudwara of our area is very near to our home. If unconsciously my feet get in the direction of the gurudwara, my mother use to scold me. This happens only when we are sitting on top. When there comes some wall, no one cares.
I feel that there is a gurdwara somewhere in every direction, my mom said, you should take care of the nearest one. I use to think of the saakhi when dhan Guru Nanak Dev ji was in Mecca. I feel that respect should be in heart.
Please tell me is it wrong if our feet are in the direction of Gurudwara?



Sat Siri Akaal, Vimal. You are correct, that Guru and God are everywhere in our heart and home, in all directions, and this is written in Gurbani many times. Indeed IN the gurdwara, feet should not face Guru, but outside of Gurdwara, such as in your home, you are not being disrespectful if your feet face Gurdwara. Guru cares much more that we keep him in our hearts and minds than worry only about our feet.
Guru ang sang,

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Is It Wrong If Our Feet Are In The Direction Of Gurudwara? (05/19/2004)
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