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Summary of Question:Racial Discrimination in Foreign Countries
Date Posted:Friday, 7/16/1999 9:40 PM MDT

Sat Sri Akal.

I am 21 years old Sikh Electronics Engineer with an excellent academic record presently working for a top organization in India. I plan to go to the US for my post graduation. I am also planning whether I should cut my hair or not and truly speaking I am in a dilemma. Isn't it true that Sikhs because of their easily recognizable features are most prone to racial discrimination in foreign countries ?
It is true that the 40, who were liberated by Guru Gobind Singh after betraying their commitments to him for the sake of worldly excuses, were able to restore sanity to themselves at great cost. Yet there have also been many who were not so fortunate. Why destroy the excellence which enables you to stand out? What makes you to stand out can also provide you with the opportunity to be perceived as outstanding. The Sikh is already guaranteed the victory by Wahe Guru, unless the Sikh is unable to win people from the heart. We should not attempt to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. It makes no sense. Only in your worldly mind would you consider such a thing. Allow your Khalsa mind to define and rule the world you live in. Then everything is Wahe Guru's problem, not yours.

May Guru inscribe your path before you.

Krishna Singh Khalsa

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