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Summary of Question:Love And Maya
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Monday, 11/08/1999 3:41 PM MST


I had a question about love. In gurdwara they were saying that the love that we have for our family memebers and spouses isn't real love. They say love is just attchtment. So if love is attcthment do u think it is just another form of maya?



Sat Nam,
I think that you can have 'love' with out attachment. People have many different explanations and descriptions of what they believe love is, you need to define this for yourself and then you can better understand if love is a attachment or maya to you. If love to you is a commitment or sacrifice a willingness to serve then you have no problem as long as you understand that nothing is permanent and you love with out having to love. If love to you is someone you cant do with out because they make you feel good then something is wrong. So my adivce is to think about what that word means to you.

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Love And Maya (11/08/1999)
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