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Summary of Question:3 Wives-Power? No Way
Category:Sikh History
Date Posted:Thursday, 11/14/2002 11:39 AM MST

Date Posted:Thursday, 11/14/2002 10:03 AM MST

Guru Har Rai had three wives as well. Guru sahib did not need to show any power to any mogul emperor. if so then why stop at three-more the merrier! also for your information Guru ji did not have any physical relation with one of them. "our power derives from our purity and piety and devotion to Gurbani and our rehit" are you suggesting Guru ji did not have purity and piety? i humbly request that you do a lot more research as to why the three Gurus had 3 wives each, because it is not a power thing but deep spiritual reasons. please let us know soon. humble servant jasvinder singh

additional reply
Sat Siri Akaal. While I stand by my original reply below, I have been giving thought to what you said. From a Guru's perspective, there is indeed no need to show power because they knew who they were and what they were there to do. However, from the perspective of those around the Gurus, I think those folks felt that having more than one wife was perfectly OK, and that it put the Gurus on an equal footing with the Mughal rulers-especially if you are Mughal and looking at the Guru! So you are right but practically speaking it served a political purpose. Remember that 10th Guru was engaged when he was a child. He was never alone and his own mother, Mata Gujri, approved both engagements.

As for deeper spiritual reasons, we forget that Waheguru always has a plan. This included a plan for each Guru. Each Guru had a karma with the people who were in his life. Do not misunderstand me here. Karma is not only about bad things that happen because of something bad one did in a prior life. Karma is about all good and bad things and also about relationships of ANY kind. So we must remember that the 2nd and 3rd wives of the Gurus had a karma with the Guru and that Waheguru in His wisdom made sure those karmas were completed because the Gurus were not coming back in physical form. Perhaps this is why some Gurus ended up with more than one wife. We can never know the details of such things, nor can we prove this reason in the historical record. We do know that Guru Nanak made clear in the first pauris of Japji that everyone is subject to God's Hukum, including Gurus. This hukum includes the law of karma; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So the women who married Gurus had a special karma to complete with each Guru, and make no mistake about it, to be the wife of a Guru in and of itself was a mission for each woman. Guru ang sang,

Sat SIri Akaal. I had not heard about Guru Har Rai having several wives. In any case, since both 8th Guru Harkrishan and pretender to the Guruship, Ram Rai-ay, were SONS of 7th Guru, how do you suppose they were born? People, this business of denying our history is absurd. Some Gurus had 3 wives. Explanations for this have been given, if you are not satisfied, do your OWN research and be sure to go to the original sources.

Our path is FOR householders. Purity and piety can INDEED coexist in a loving marriage. Don't misunderstand the Guru's dictum against engaging in lust, one of the five enemies. Lust and loving sex are NOT the same. If one is young with raging hormones it is hard to know this difference. Gurus did not believe in performing miracles, which is why they had sons the old-fashioned way. They all set examples for Gursikhs to follow: They taught us how to be householders AND meditate on the Naam AND serve others, not just our immediate families. Meditation is not exclusive of being a householder, not by a long shot. Our Gurus were special people indeed, but every one of them who married knew their wives. We do not subscribe to virgin births in the Sikh faith. Stop thinking that one can't be holy and married. This is not Sikh, it is anything BUT Sikh. Guru ang sang,

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