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Summary of Question:Do Paath Only On Some Days
Date Posted:Saturday, 5/17/2008 6:13 AM MDT

I have a qn. the thing is i only do paath only on some days. like mon to fri.. my mum says i take a break just like i do from my work from Gurbani too.. its not the reason. the main thing is that on sat i wake up late and i always feel that it not the time to pray!! i dont know what to do or if what i'm doing is wrong. I know i SHOULD pary each day but i dont know why i just dont sometime on wkends.. HELP!! thank you


Satnam ji,

Does the Creator take a break and not let the sun rise?

When you get up late the energy of the day has moved on so, if you cannot get up early....then do a shorter 'Path' that day...but do it........:)..God bless you.


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Do Paath Only On Some Days (05/17/2008)
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