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Summary of Question:Why Do Many Sikh People Believes In Caste ? (Like Jats Etc.)
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Saturday, 1/08/2000 3:25 PM MST

I have listen many times people saying that he is in our jat catagory not in other . I don't understand why they say's like this even they know that our guru's are against the caste system. I don't understand it.


Sat Siri Akaal Ji.

Your point is well taken: why do they talk caste if our Guru said caste is irrelevant to Sikhs? ASK THEM. Why do they observe this Indian custom when Gurus said for us not to, and gave us names Singh and Kaur to avoid using caste names? I cannot tell you WHY they do it, but I recommend you (1) ask those around you who do, and (2) choose to show by your example that Sikhs do not observe caste.

Guru rakha,

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Why Do Many Sikh People Believes In Caste ? (Like Jats Etc.) (01/08/2000)
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