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Summary of Question:Mantras Are Of God Whether Sikh Or Hindu
Date Posted:Thursday, 2/15/2007 6:48 PM MST

The following is part of the moderator's reply to someone else's question:

As we trust in Wahe Guru as the ultimate healer - we still we go to doctors when necessary. Similarly, there are mantras that may not be Gurbani, but they are effective.

My personal thoughts:
I am a Sikh.
In my humble opinion by saying we cannot recite mantras from other religions is this not having a closed mind and negating the belief that God can be achieved in many ways. After all is this not simply remembrance and meditation of God regardless of whether it is a Hindu mantra! Such mantras are of God, they praise God. What could possibly be better than that!

On another similar area I went to see a Hindu spiritual person called Guru Dev Ji who had come from India to the U.K at a conference centre. I did not meet him personally but as part of 1000's of others Sikh's, Hindus, a few Christians etc who had also gone to see him. What their reasons were for I do not know and it is none of my business.

I personally went because I had heard this spiritual man on the radio as had my parents and they encouraged me to go with them to watch him on the stage. I did not know what to expect but I thought yeah I will go. I had no motives or points to prove either way. What happened is his words proved to me that he truly was a spiritual saint (in my opinion).

People went to the stage and asked him questions about their lives and why this and that happened why they were suffering etc. He answered as Guru would answer and this pleased me greatly.

He kept saying: do paarth and referred to the Holy Books from different religions. If you are Sikh do your mool mantra, If you are Hindu do .. etc. If you are such and such do this etc. The message was simple do paarth and everything will be fixed. He even said I will do paarth for you to a father who said he was in despair because his son who was a pilot had a terrible crash and was on a life support machine and the chances of recovery were very slim.
Throughout the few hours I was there I kept quiet and listened to all that went on. He brought a smile to my face and warmth to my soul.

He never once referred to doing any rituals as far as I was aware. The message was simple do paarth and everything will be fixed.

God Bless All.

Sat nam. Whatever works. Siri Guru Granth Sahib's shabds hardly ever say WHAT naam to practice, only to practice. The message is that spirituality is attained by meditation on the naam. Whoever one is, it is the same.
Thank you. Guru ang sang,

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Mantras Are Of God Whether Sikh Or Hindu (02/15/2007)
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