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Summary of Question:Re: turban and discrimination
Date Posted:Thursday, 9/28/2000 1:11 AM MDT
Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh ji!
I am a Sikh Canadian. I have been here for 2 years and i cover my head all the time, and obviously wear my kirpan all the time. I went to a pubic school and i have never had problems. you could say that Waheguru ji never lets problems near his Khalsa. I don't think that US is very different than Canada. Thus, just to let you know that i am proud of who i am. Right now i am going to a University and there are only a few Sikhs there (below 10 in total). But I am the only Sikh who is Amrit Dhari but others all are non-kes-dhari, which is a shame but that is their choice. We have a Indo-Canadian club and now i am planning on starting a multi-cultural council. i am taking the initiative to spread this feeling of equality in my school. and yes, of course every one appreciates that, because no one likes to be hated, may it be an appna, gora or kala. but i have never had many problems because i am sikh or i cover my head. People are curious of course and i am proud to let them know the reasons. and then they are more
curious and impressed. But of course, there are exceptions. i have met people who don't like us but that's ok. Their hatred doesn't effects me, as long as i haven't done anything wrong with them. Honestly speaking, i don't even care about what people think about me, because ,i guess, what Waheguru ji thinks of me is more important to me. and yes, as some one else has responded that you should let your kids face these problems, i agree with that gursikh, because i think that will help them understand life better and eventually make them a better person. Life teaches a lot if you are ready to learn. don't run from this, they could have other problems in india or where ever they go. What if Guru Gobind singh ji had sent his children somewhere else to avoid the battle field? but he didn't, because he wanted them to achieve something, and that they did! i know it is hard to maintain your bana in such a country, it is, i know! but it gives you a feeling of achivement if you are successful. It feels as if you are s
pecial for your Sache Pita Waheguru ji, it feels that you are blessed. It does, and thus i hope you haven't returned and are planning on letting your children grow up in a multicultural environment and face life. and in the end, i would apologize about anything that i might have said that offends your feelings. May Waheguru ji blesses you ,your family, and all other Gursikhs, who are struggling to keep their bana, with the power and pride to face all the problems you ever have in life.

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