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Summary of Question:Singhni's And Darbar Sahib, Maryada
Date Posted:Sunday, 6/10/2007 5:18 AM MDT

i asked one of my Gursikh friend's why people say singhni's can't be part of Panj Piaray, why Singhni's can't so kirtan at Darbar Sahib, and why can't Singhni's do Seva at Darbar Sahib?

he said that the Guru's have given Singhs and Singhnis equality but the reason why females don't do Seva there nor sing Kirtan there is b/c the Maryada has been followed since the times of Baba Buddha ji and it's been like that ever since there Guru's times. And for Panj Piaray he said that when Guru Gobind Singh Ji asked for a head he didn't say he wanted a man's head, said he wanted A head.. so if a lady had gotten up at that time then surely singhni's would be part of the Panj Piaray nowadays..

what do u have to say about his response (which i don't agree with). regarding Panj piaray seva: i don't agree with it because undifferentiation of caste, creed, and GENDER comes when people drink from the same Amrit da Bata. So if a person does the seva for panj piaray their distinctions are gone (including gender). besides, that logic he gave in response is wrong b/c from the panj piaray Bhai daya Singh was a Khatri of Lahore, and Bhai Dharam Singh was a Jatt..does that mean that whenever an Amrit Ceremony takes place one of the Singh's has to have been a Jatt, one of em a Khatrri? NO! so that logic doesn't work...
i really don't understand why Singhni's cant be part of Panj Piaray...
what do u have to say?

Servant of the Guru,

Sat nam. In today's world, there is no good reason for discrimination against women in Sikhi, only bad excuses. I as a Sikh woman believe that Khalsa has no gender, no caste, no differentiation that matters. I believe that if a woman had gotten up on that first Baisakhi day, we wouldn't have the kind of discrimination against Sikh women that we see today. There is history and there is the moment. Spirit of Khalsa evolves, history is what it was!

All the Gurus taught the equality of the sexes in the eyes of God and Guru and there is thus no real reason that women cannot be part of a Panj, or play kirtan or wash the floors inside Darbar Sahib, etc etc. So it is up to Panth Khalsa women to set the example and assert ourselves in such matters. When enough of us do so around the world, this will change. Think globally, act locally.
Guru ang sang,

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Singhni's And Darbar Sahib, Maryada (06/10/2007)
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