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Summary of Question:Close An Ill-Managed Gurudwara?
Date Posted:Monday, 7/12/2004 4:12 AM MDT

I am a Software programmer from india. I have come here to UK on a 6 months work-permit.

I expected the things about sikhism and gurudwaras to be a lot better here in UK. But to my utter dissappointment I have found some of the things are worst here.
A gurudwara in Nottingham, UK has a granthi staying here for a little less than 4 years now, the management pays him 25 pounds for a week. That comes to a 100 pounds for 1 month.
Thats not all, the gurudwara hasn't got a bathroom for the granthi, he sits in the toilet with a bucket for taking bath.
Last but not the least the management doesn't allow him to bring his family, they tell him - very politely though, that he can do so when he completes 4 years of stay in UK.

Guru Granth Sahib ji starts with '1-onkar' that means one god .

It say 'Khaalak khalak, khalak mein Khaalak , poor rehyo sarab thain' - God is their in his creation, he is there everywhere.

should i take it to mean - GOD is their in the the Granthi and HE Himself is their in the people of the management.

It says 'Bhai kahu ko deit neh,
neh bhai manat aan'

Then why do these management people assume all the wisdom in deciding that they have the right to exploit the poor granthi.

My Questions - Should we youngsters learn the exploitation from our gurdwaras?
Is the Granthi not a human being who should lead a decent life ?
Is it not good, to close such an ill-managed Gurudwara?

Kulmohan singh

Sat Siri Akaal. I agree with you that this situation is abhorrent. I imagine that caste and politics are playing a role in how the gurdwara is run as much as anything. These granthis want to be out of India, they are 'paying dues' and being used because they hope to get their permanent residency, which for some is the ticket out of such situations. The gurdwara managers are their sponsors so they can stay in country, and so they are like the granthi's 'owners'--at least the ones you mention seem to be so. I do not live in UK, so I don't know if there are UK public health laws that could be invoked on the part of the granthi.
The sangat must not think it's a big deal, probably because they have seen places in India like what you describe--it is not unusual for India, though it is for UK. Who, my friend, would undertake to close this gurdwara or put a stop to this? Shouldn't it be those who support it? Isn't then a question of ethics and consciousness on the part of those sangatees who let this situation continue? While you might be right, it would take a lot more than one protest such as this. It also takes courage and a decision on everyone's part not to use others. I'm sorry you had to witness this. But I will tell you that there are gurdwaras in UK (and elsewhere) where this is not the case. Guru ang sang,

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Close An Ill-Managed Gurudwara? (07/12/2004)
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