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Summary of Question:Bhangra Cds For Sale Near Gurdwara?
Date Posted:Sunday, 4/11/2004 11:21 AM MDT


i have just come from a vaisakhi nagar kirtan here in glasgow(scotland) and wanted to ask about something that seemed to enrage me.
In the street outside the guardwara as the nagar kirtan was about to come to a close, a certain well known bhangra group (who i will not mention) put on their cd's to promote their album outside the guardwara right in front of the guru granth sahib ji.I think this was very wrong but others seem to think i wrong?

Sat Siri Akaal. If Guru was in prakash when the music was on, and if the music was audible from inside the gurdwara, then it is inappropriate. If Guru was in sukhasan, it becomes a matter of perspective. I think a little distance would have been appropriate. In the end, a majority of the sangat members need to make clear its policy on such things, and stick to it.
guru ang sang,

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Bhangra Cds For Sale Near Gurdwara? (04/11/2004)
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