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Summary of Question:confused about facial hair responses?
Date Posted:Wednesday, 7/07/1999 5:52 AM MDT

Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa

Vaheguru Jee Ki Fateh

I've just looked at the responce to a question about boys cutting their hair.
The reply advised to retrain from shaving and to live up to the teachings of the guru.

Some time ago a female asked the same question about facial hair and the responce was-

'If there are hairs on a woman's face that make her to feel ungraceful as a woman, then it has generally been respected as her privilege, in relation to her Guru, to remove these hairs appropriately, with all respect to her privacy and modesty. I know personally of several Khalsa women who have found it appropriate to do so, in good faith with Guru's teachings and blessings.'

Surely this is implying different standards for male and female khalsas. The guru said 'khalsa mera roop he khaas'-the khalsa is both men and women, therefore suely the rules of the khalsa also apply to both. I don't understand how men should restrain from cutting their beards in order to strive towards guru jee, yet women can cut facial (or any other hair)in good faith with the guru's teaching. Sikhism believes in equality, and in my opinion these replies give different standards for men and women.

Please could you explain this issue to me more, i personaly believe that a khalsa should not remove any hair from their body, regardless of whether they are male or female.

Vaheguru jee ka khalsa
vaheguru jee ki fateh


Please read this message for further discussions on hair.

I would also recommend reading the Instructions to New Amritdhari Sikhs.

Anything you do in life is "alright." You are part of God's creation. But does it serve to elevate your consciousness so that you may experience your true, divine nature? The Guru has given us a path so that we may experience our true nature. Whether you are an Amritdhari Sikh or not, you can benefit from following the Guru's path. Although specific instructions are given to Amritdhari Sikhs, these same instructions will benefit those who have not taken Amrit. Life is a simple matter of cause and effect. Even if you have not taken Amrit and know nothing of Sikhism, cutting hair or engaging in premarital sex have consequences. Trying to circumvent the "restrictions" of an Amritdhari Sikh by cutting hair or having sex before taking Amrit does not circumvent the consequences that those actions bring.

The best thing to do if you have any problem or question in life is to meditate and to read the Guru's word. Guru Gobind Singh gave the instruction that the Siri Guru Granth Sahib would be the Guru for all time. "If you want to talk to me, read from my pages." So if you would like an answer from the Guru, read from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. The answer may not be direct, but meditate on it and the Guru will help you to understand.

Mangala Sadhu Sangeet Singh

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