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Summary of Question:"Cruel Irony With A Whole New Religion" - Sikhism
Category:Sikh History
Date Posted:Sunday, 8/04/2002 3:11 PM MDT

Sat Shri Akal, people, here is something i read on a

pretty strange views about Sikh Dharm. was it right of the Gurus "making" a new religion or not.. As i am writing, i think that it would have been better being "salvation community" rather than a religion, going out and telling people to beleive in the One Single God - IkOnkar, just like Guru Nanak Dev Ji, and not having a religion, because it just minimizes the whole process- or what? I mean that look at us we are bounded of the same thinking as muslims and hindus were at guruji's time, saying God is hindu or muslim, and now we the rightious God would be the one we follow, even tought i can see that Sikh Dharma communities are not like this, but the main thinking back home in Punjab is surely that. u see what i mean..

""As Nanak was so keen to get God away from any form of defined religious group, it is a cruel irony that a whole new religion was formed to describe and define his views]]. And that The Golden Temple should become the site of ultimate sacrifice (twice, so far) could not have been the bright future envisaged by Guru Arjan when he laid its foundation stone. And it would be fair to suppose that intolerance, persecution and violence would not be the first choice of any Guru to encourage understanding and acceptance.

That the virtues of honour and charity are now slowly replacing the basic human instincts of revenge and oppression is a measure of social evolution by the Sikh community. And that both their immediate neighbours and the so-called "world community" are gradually reciprocating the same virtues gives real hope for the growth of religious tolerance.

But with the growth of political terrorism and the escalation of the nuclear arms race (particularly between India and Pakistan) the tests of both personal and national honour have never been greater. The results of which will be a measure of how far along the path to salvation the Sikhs have travelled. And still have to go. """

isn't it right! please give me our remarks--


Sat Siri Akal.

Dear Ji,

Sikh"ism" is not what you inheret. It is what you make of it. Whatever you see that strikes you as out of balance - correct the balance. The Gurus did not create a religion. They created an absolutely universal spiritual path to experience the Divine within life. There are those who walk the path. And there are those who like to puff up their own egos telling other people how to walk the path without every having the experience themselves. And this is true in every spiritual tradition. If the path the Gurus laid out is truly and genuinely lived, the whole world will be saved from its own insecurities and neurosis. Walk the path. Live the teachings of the Gurus. And don't mind what other people are saying or doing. Guru can work through you, if you're willing to become a servant. Guru can improve the balance of life, if you're willing to be that channel. There are always solutions. Use the spiritual discipline to find those solutions within yourself and then you will know the sheer beauty and happiness of life.

All love,


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