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Summary of Question:Physically And Emotionaly Abused In High School For My Indian (Sikh) Culture
Date Posted:Friday, 11/02/2007 8:55 PM MDT

on my lunch table only one person on that table is my friend and the rest of the ppl sitting there gang up on me a put food down my shirt and stupid things like that. I know i can phyisicly beat up of each of them individually but not as a group. I dont know if fightings the right thing to do b/c im not sure as a sikh im aloud to do that. Also i will be suspended from school. Would a true sikh fight back phyisicly or stay calm and take the abuse. I dont want to tell an adult b/c i dont want to be considered a coward. You know how high school kids are. What should I do i'm so misearable b/c right when i thought i could go to another table i realaized i have no other friends. The kids say they gang up on me b/c im a terrorist (i tried explaining that sikhs are not terrorists) and i should go "back to my dunkin donuts." Im so deppressed right now. I dont know where to put all my anger to and i pray to god every day to help me get through this. I am a good boy and only go though this abuse in school because of my culture but i am still a proud sikh. WHAT SHOULD I DO??

Sat nam. 1. It is a OK for a Sikh to defend his/herself. When all other means of persuasion of failed, it is JUST to take up the sword.
2. Bullying is something punishable by expelling in some schools. That is, in my book, considered another means of persuasion and does NOT constitute cowardice. I believe you should tell a school counselor. Tell the counselor your faith demands that you defend yourself and you want it on record that these people are bullying you. I'm not saying get expelled. I am saying get an ally and cover yourself with the school administrators by saying something to them. If they don't know, they can't help. Remember that if you don't stop them, they will do this to others. That is why we defend. To stop it cold.
3. Remember the persecution our ancestors took and rememeber that they never forgot they are Sikh and loved. Do not define yourself by these people. I know school is tough, but stand up for yourself and do not expect anyone else too. If you don't now when will you?
4. Recommend you study a martial art of some kind to build self-confidence and esteem.It will help to change your projection from a sense of no worth to true worth.
Guru ang sang,

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Physically And Emotionaly Abused In High School For My Indian (Sikh) Culture (11/02/2007)
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