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Summary of Question:To All My Sikh Sisters
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Monday, 10/04/2010 10:41 PM MDT

Vaheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

This is for all my sikh bhena.
I go to gurduwara and everywhere I look I see girls who do bujjar kuhreit. They shave and do their eyebrows and have boyfriends. They know all the lyrics to the latese bhangra and hip hop songs but they refuse even to sing along with the raagis when they do kirtan. They know nothing of their sikh history or religion. And even if they know, they continue to indulge in these manmukh actions. It breaks my heart. In the times of our gurujis, gursikh women were martyred, they let the mughals cut their children into pieces but did not give up their sikhi. they did so much so that we could live freely and have our beautiful religion. Their sacrifice brings tears to my eyes. Every girl is beautiful in her natural form. A girl with undone eyebrows and unshaved body who sits in sangat with her gursikh sisters and sisters is truly beautiful. The gursikh girl who stands proudly with the guru's crown on her head,a kanga tucked in her hair, has a kirpan down across her shoulder, a kara on her hand, and a kachera is truly beautiful. A gursikh girl who calls her home anandpur sahib is truly beautiful. So to all my gursikh bhena, stop dating boys who are beneath you and wait for your lion. Stop listening to music and listen to the epic song of our gurujis. Stop doing drugs and taste the nectar that is amrit. Get high off of bani and naam simran :) Be a sikh. Be unique and different. Be the shining star. So keep your hair, and take amrit and become a daughter of guru gobind singh jee. Become a part of the khalsa panth. Then you will be truly beautiful and a princess.



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To All My Sikh Sisters (10/04/2010)
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