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Summary of Question:Getting Rid Of Habit
Date Posted:Wednesday, 3/12/2008 7:29 PM MDT

I have developed a very bad habit of watching and mastburation...please help me I cant seem to be able to control myself. I really want to stop it....i feel its destorying me....I am also very lonely without many friends....whenever I made a gf they dumped me...this had depressed everyday I end up mastburating and watching porn


Sat Nam. There is no easy solution to your situation. You need to seek out a good counselor, who can help you heal the deep pain you are carrying around. By the way, if you simply search the Youth Forum with the keyword "masturbation" you will find that this question has been asked and replied to many, many times.

Many blessings, JJK

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Getting Rid Of Habit (03/12/2008)
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