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Summary of Question:Re: Deaf Sikh People
Date Posted:Monday, 11/22/1999 10:59 AM MST
I on behalf of my brother who is also a deaf young man feel that deaf people should be regarded as equal. My brother has worked very hard to sustain. Although he has studied in U.K. and currently working in a Japanese collaborated firm, but he is not considered to be given an equal opportunities as normal people get whereby he gets humiliated.

Further, now a suitable match is solicited from deaf girl or any minor disabled girl who could settle down with him.

Sat Siri Akaal. Sorry for the delay. Deaf Sikhs are given an extra challenge by Guruji to live in dignity as Sikhs and deaf people in a world that discriminates against both. This site does not arrange marriages for anyone, but you can for a fee post an ad on the matrimonials site by going here:

Guru ang sang,

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