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Summary of Question:Hindu Prayers In The Gurdwara
Date Posted:Monday, 7/03/2006 1:42 PM MDT

Sat ri akaal

I would like to ask a question. Some people in my family are Sikh whereas others are Hindu. Our language is Punjabi.

The other day i went to the Gudwara. There was this other old lady there at the Gudwara. She is meant to be the head lady of the Gudwara, where everyone respects her and comes to ask for her advice on paths etc. She has taken amrit.

From my knowledge someone who takes amrit strongly believes in the principles of Sikhism and teachings, such as the idea of one god and how we should not worship idols etc.

But this lady, along with myslef and others was in teh main area of the Gudwara, where the Sri Granth Sahib is kept. No-one was reading at that moment, it was just a general meeting for women on that day. I was amazed though, the lady got out essense sticks and placed them on the shelf and i could hear her singing praises and hymns to the Hindi godesses. I cannot tell you how amazed i was. this is soooooooo disrespectful in my pointof view. does this mean she is just sikh on the outside and different from the inside?

what are yr views on this? i would be very grateful. Thank u very much

Sat nam. I'm not sure what it means for her part. It is possible that this is something she does at home all the time and that the subject has not really come up. I have been amazed to learn how many people do not really realize what is Sikh practice and what not-- but is insteand a Hindu or broadly, an Indian cultural tradition. Have you thought about asking her very innocently "Bibi, why did you pray to those Hindu goddesses that day, I thought Sikhs do not worship anything but Shabd Guru in the form of Siri Guru Granth?" or something to that effect. This is the kind of thing that should be questioned directly so that all can know and learn. It is inappropriate in a gurdwara where SGGS is actually present for this kind of non-Sikh activity.
Guru ang sang,

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Hindu Prayers In The Gurdwara (07/03/2006)
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