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Summary of Question:Re: Depression
Date Posted:Thursday, 5/25/2006 5:40 PM MDT

I was just like you!! I remember, in my third year, my grades dropped significantly, and I was feeling terrible - the same way your feeling right now. What I did was go to a doctor, who prescribed some medicine, and in a few months, I was fine. My grades went up significantly. What I had not noticed was that my depression was the reason my grades weren't as good as they could have been. You can also get counceling, if you don't like putting chemicals into your body.

Also, I had the same problem as you about doing paath, etc, even when I wasn't depressed. What I did was see a counselor at my university, and she really helped me set attainable goals. Little by little, I was able to gain control over myself, and now I don't have any problem doing it. And once you start doing paath on a daily basis, you'll start looking forward to it. Kind of like runner's high - do it for a week or so, then you'll be addicted, and you won't be able to make yourself stop ;). You just need some dicipline to kickstart everything, and that only comes in small steps, so you have to be patient.
I can also tell you right now, doing paath everyday will considerably change your outlook on life. In the months since I started, everything in my life seems to be going well.

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Re: Depression (05/25/2006)
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